Managing Editor



Job Title: 

Managing Editor, Central Editorial Service

Reports to (title):

Executive Editor, Central Editorial Service


Full-time, fixed-term contract


March 2021


Cochrane has established a centrally-resourced Editorial Service to support the efficient and timely publication of high-quality systematic reviews in the Cochrane Library. The reviews that are published through the Central Editorial Service address some of the research questions considered to be the most important to decision makers.

The Central Editorial Service will also be instrumental in running a pilot of approaches to increase editorial efficiency and integrity within Cochrane. The Managing Editor role will play a key role in operationalising this pilot.

Reporting to the Executive Editor of the Central Editorial Service, the Managing Editor will be expected to prioritise and manage editorial tasks as appropriate. The role-holder should be alert to the demands of delivering high-quality review content for publication in a timely fashion, and work to ensure that deadlines can be met.  

In line with Cochrane’s strategy, the post of Managing Editor will help to ensure that the Cochrane Library maintains its reputation as the international source of trustworthy, independent and relevant information to guide healthcare decisions; and continues to meet the varied needs of users.


Handling the editorial process of assigned reviews:

-   Use Editorial Manager to manage the editorial process of protocols and reviews submitted to the Central Editorial Service. Editorial tasks include:

o   Performing quality assessments for submitted articles

o   Ensuring that articles undergo a rigorous peer-review process in line with Cochrane policies, by identifying and liaising with peer reviewers with the required methodological, statistical, content and consumer expertise

o   Checking that peer-reviewer comments have been appropriately incorporated into articles

o   Making editorial decisions (revise/reject/accept) and progressing accepted articles to publication

o   Liaising with the Central Editorial Service team, authors, copy-editors, sign-off editors, Cochrane Review Groups, Cochrane Networks, Cochrane methods groups, and publishers, as needed during the editorial and production processes

o   Ensuring that published content is accurate, consistent and clear

o   Ensuring the appropriate dissemination of the review findings by liaising with the Knowledge Translation department.


-    Contribute to projects aimed at developing editorial systems and processes, including a pilot project to explore innovation of editorial processes to increase editorial efficiency and integrity.  

-    Communicate with internal Cochrane stakeholders (particularly Cochrane Review Groups and Networks), and external stakeholders, to increase awareness of the Central Editorial Service.


-   Play a role in the strategic development of the Central Editorial Service to ensure it meets the aims of the organisation. 


-   Participate in quality-assurance initiatives across Cochrane reviews and related content.


-    Identify continuous improvement opportunities and work with colleagues to ensure that new processes, workflow systems and lessons learned are implemented effectively.

-    Undertake other duties that may be considered appropriate. 


Essential attributes:

  • A degree in a relevant field or equivalent
  • Experience of running the editorial process of articles in scholarly publishing
  • Experience of conducting or editing systematic reviews
  • An understanding of the importance of systematic reviews to clinical decision making
  • Knowledge of publication ethics and research integrity

=       An ability to develop and maintain working relationships with key stakeholders

  • The ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
  • Strong organisation and prioritisation skills
  • A pro-active approach to problem-solving
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work methodically and accurately
  • Attention to detail
  • Intermediate level IT skills, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Desirable attributes:

  • Familiarity with Cochrane guidance and standards on the design, conduct, and reporting of systematic reviews, including the ‘Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews’ (MECIR) and ‘Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation’ (GRADE) methods
  • Familiarity with Cochrane editorial and publishing policies
  • Previous editorial position within Cochrane (e.g. Managing Editor, Cochrane Review Group or Network Editors, including scientific, methodological, or statistical editors)
  • Experience of conducting or editing Cochrane reviews


Internal: All groups within Cochrane, particularly Central Editorial Service team, authors, copy-editors, sign-off editors, Cochrane Review Groups, Cochrane Networks, Cochrane methods groups, and Cochrane Central Executive.

External: Peer reviewers, users of the Cochrane Library, publishers, and other stakeholders.


Budgetary responsibility: N/A  

Number of direct and indirect reports: N/A