IT Infrastructure Operations Manager


Ensure the fitness-for-purpose, cost-effectiveness, availability, and security of Cochrane’s IT systems infrastructure and operations. Monitor and help manage the lifecycle of our in-house software. Set policy for, and advise on the provision of, IT for the Cochrane Central Executive team (ca. 100 people).


Manage and lead the IT Infrastructure Operations team


  • Manage, maintain, and monitor Cochrane IT infrastructure, including systems, applications, network services, and data for availability and correct functioning.
  • Work with development teams and vendors to ensure automated software build and deployment pipelines are fit for purpose and consistent across applications.
  • Minimize reliance on tacit knowledge and increase effectiveness within our infrastructure and operations using both automation and standard operating procedures
  • Lead IT implementation projects in collaboration with other Cochrane departments, suppliers, or partners to fulfil the needs of the organization.
  • Pro-actively identify potential security enhancements and stay abreast of industry trends in this area
  • Draft and manage the IT infrastructure budget and handle supplier negotiation and invoicing

    Software lifecycle management

  • Ensure Cochrane have full access and operational control over any software developed by, or exclusively for, Cochrane.
  • Monitor and report (at least quarterly) to the Head of IT Development and Infrastructure on potential software lifecycle issues at all levels, including server, container, platform, language, framework, and library.
  • Maintain a prioritized backlog of software lifecycle issues and manage their resolution in combined development/operations (“DevOps”) sprints. A software developer will be seconded to this team on a rotating basis to enable this. Issues identified for systems under active development will be reported to the responsible team instead.
  • Escalate software lifecycle issues that can’t realistically be addressed within the available resource to the Head of IT Development and Infrastructure.

    CET IT Operations

  • Draw up specifications and policies in relation to CET IT infrastructure, ensuring a consistent approach
  • Help select and implement the adequate IT tools from security, availability, functionality, and data protection points of view
  • Ensure administrative responsibilities for each CET IT system are clearly defined, and the appropriate level of access is granted to those responsible
  • Ensure the support team can provide effective technical support to the CET, by providing training as needed, making sure they are aware of changes, and providing timely second line support
  • Ensure effective hardware provision for the Cochrane Central Executive by ensuring IT equipment is maintained and replaced according to policy.
  • Inform and help draft training for CET staff on security procedures and security recommendations to build understanding and awareness of security issues throughout the organization


Essential – IT:           

  • Degree in computer science or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of experience in systems administration in both Linux and Windows environments
  • 3+ years of experience in cloud computing, including containerized application deployment and provisioning of managed services
  • Able to design and implement IT infrastructure solutions, including scoping the required compute, storage, network, and other services
  • Understanding of the software lifecycle, dependency management, and version control
  • Experience in daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems, key processes, and backups
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of complex networks (CCNP or equivalent experience)
  • Expertise in security systems, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-virus software, authentication systems, log management, content filtering, etc.
  • Experience of researching and advising on purchase of most cost-effective IT hardware and software solutions

    Essential – Management:

  • Able to line manage systems administrators and support them in their professional development
  • Basic understanding of Agile/Scrum practices and principles
  • Project management skills for the implementation of new systems across the organization
  • Good understanding of organizational effectiveness and of identifying and helping to implement best practice
  • Understanding of data security, data management, and data protection requirements and processes
  • Experience in budget preparation and management

    Essential – General:

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent organizational, collaboration and interpersonal skills
  • Able tomultitaskand prioritize work requirements
  • Excellent written, presentation and verbal communication skills

  • Able to work effectively within a global remote workforce
  • Preferred:

  • Experience managing a systems administration or development/operations (“DevOps”) team
  • Knowledge and experience of database management systems and SQL
  • Knowledge of Cochrane, evidence-based health care, Cochrane systematic reviews, and/or the global health sector


Internal: Software development teams, Support team

External: IT suppliers and vendors of our systems.


Budgets managed: IT infrastructure and CET IT budget

Direct reports: Senior Systems Administrator